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Preventative Maintenance

Regularly Scheduled Inspections of HVAC/R Equipment


  1. Replace all filters as needed.

  2. Adjust blower belt tension. Replace as needed.

  3. Check and adjust gas pressure/air moisture.

  4. Lubricate all necessary parts.

  5. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks.

  6. Clean burners.

  7. Check all limit and safety controls.

  8. Check entire unit operation.


  1. Replace all filters.

  2. Adjust blower belt tension. Replace as needed.

  3. Lubricate all necessary parts.

  4. Check for proper refrigerant charge.

  5. Clean evaporator and condenser (brushed or blown out with CO2)

  6. Inspect for contactor wear and tear.

  7. Check all electrical controls.

  8. Check economizer operation.

  9. Check oil level in compressor.

  10. Check operating pressure.

  11. Check entire unit operation.


  1. Check for proper refrigerant charge.

  2. Check for proper temperature range in box.

  3. Clean evaporators and condensers (brushed or blown out with CO2) Check for proper defrost cycle

  4. Check control setting and operation.


  1. Check operation of ice machine.

  2. Clean condenser.

  3. Chemically clean ice machine every six (6) months.



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