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Net Prices

Direct Fired Natural Gas Fired Make-up Air Units
from 1,200 CFM to 7,500 CFM

Manufactured in Burkesville, Kentucky

bulletMaximum E.S.P.: 1.5" Maximum Temperature Rise: 90° F. Natural gas units to 650 MBH.
bulletClearances from combustibles: Top, Bottom and Sides except servicing side: 0" Servicing side: 36".
bulletAll models are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.
bulletU.L. listed motors are thermally protected.
bulletUnits in stock at our Burkesville, KY facility, and are convertible to end or side discharge.
bulletIncludes all controls and feature remote ignition reset. Heaters are pre-piped and wired for quick and economical installation.
bulletOne year parts warranty included.

End Discharge

90° F RISE HV1001 (1 hp) $4,371.00
 (1200-1800 CFM) 208 - 230V 1 PH.  
90° F RISE HV1002 (2 hp) $4,518.00
 (1800-2600 CFM) 208-230V 3PH.  
90° F RISE HV1003 (3 hp) $4,551.00
 (2600-3800 CFM) 208-230V 3PH.  
90° F RISE HV2002 (2 hp) $5,094.00
 (3000-4000 CFM) 208-230V 3PH.  
90°F RISE HV2003(3hp) $5,094.00
 (3800-5500 CFM) 208-230V 3PH.  
90° F RISE HV2005 (5 hp) $5,124.00
 (5500-7500 CFM) 208-230V 3PH.  

Down Discharge


Factory installed Motorized Damper Add $815.00
Roof Stantions & Duct Curb (End Discharge) Add $198.40
Full roof curb (Down discharge - shipped knocked down) Add $222.00